Hi, I’m Rosie. I will be turning 40 four days after the 2017 Cadbury Marathon. This impending milestone was one of the reasons I applied for the Make Me a Marathoner program. I thought it would be an achievement to run a marathon before I turn 40, and I like to leave things to the last minute. I just hope four days is sufficient time to recover before my birthday celebrations!

The Make Me a Marathoner Golden Ticket couldn’t have arrived at a better time for me. My young dog, Lego, had died quite suddenly the day before I received the ticket and I was lost. Lego was my alarm clock and my personal trainer. She woke me every morning for a walk around Knockloffty. When she died she left a huge hole in my life, which training for the Cadbury Marathon has helped to fill. The training has given me a way to keep busy and improve my fitness at the same time.

Truth is I had only run about five short runs all year before I won the ticket. I was pretty good at finding excuses not to run – cold weather, sore muscles, tired, need to walk the dog, etc, etc, etc, …… You name the excuse and I have used it! But now, on the Make Me a Marathoner Program, I am finding the ‘rest days’ to be the hardest days. I have run in freezing, wet, windy weather, with tired and sore muscles– and done it with a smile. Friday I didn’t let the pouring rain stop me from doing my speed work and on Sunday, despite a tender calf, I ran over 20 kms, chatting with a friend the whole way.

So, to my surprise, I am really enjoying the training and I have learnt a few things along the way:

  • That I can get out of bed at 5am to go for a run. Hobart is magical at that time of day, peaceful with beautiful sunrises. I have also visited areas of Greater Hobart that I wouldn’t have discovered if it wasn’t for the kilometres I have been logging on foot over the last 12 weeks.
  • The importance of eating and drinking during the long runs (and on the night before – I don’t recommend three glasses of champagne and a steak).
  • What it must be like to be a Labrador – obsessed with food and what I am going to eat next, but also that I can go 20+ days without eating chocolate – I am saving it all for when I finish the Chocolate run!
  • The importance of knowing where the public toilets are. The toilets at Fern Tree, Cornelian Bay, Geilston Bay and the Cenotaph have all come in handy and can double as water stations.
  • Travelling for events is a great, if not very relaxing, way to holiday. I have run in Sydney and Melbourne this year and it is exciting to run events with tens of thousands of other runners. Catching public transport to the start line is an event in itself – everyone on it is going to the same place, all dressed in running gear!
  • That, even though it causes me pain, the foam roller is my friend. But you don’t need a foam roller if you visit Heather at Muscle Maintenance; she works miracles on sore and tired muscles.
  • That money spent on good shoes, good socks and anti-chafe balm is money well spent, and
  • That there are a lot of other crazy, supportive, happy runners out there and it has been wonderful to meet and run with so many of them.

Thank you Tasmanian Road Runners for this exciting, challenging opportunity!

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