Ever since completing her first 10km event in 1995 in Mooloolaba, Suzie had always wanted to run a marathon.    While she is good at telling herself she’s not a runner she is an accomplished trail runner, having completed numerous trail events including the gruelling Gone Nuts event.

Suzie had her hands full while training for the marathon.  In addition to juggling work and family life she was in the final stages of completing her doctorate at UTAS!    When asked what running means to her in life Suzie responded:

I feel so very free when I run. It is a time that I can escape from my busy mind and I just can not imagine my life without running. Although I doubt myself, each run dismisses this. Running makes me feel strong, validated and alive!

Suzie’s determination and drive served her well during her training program.   Her goal was to finish strong and in control – she did just that.  Suzie embraced the entire marathon journey including the hard parts in her signature pigtails and leap at the finish line.

Suzie, now Dr Suzie, is still running and also had a great run at the 2018 Gone Nuts event.

Suzie at the Start of the 2018 Cadbury Marathon

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