Annie is a self-confessed fun-run junkie and a regular fixture on the Tasmanian fun-run circuit. Thriving on a challenge, Annie gradually increased her running distances and built up to a 25km trail run.  Annie loves to work towards goals using her grit and determination.  Annie says that “the sense of pride in achievement is so much sweeter when you’ve had to work and train hard to get there.”  Annie goes on to say that there was no goal that scared her as much as running a marathon, so she decided to put that fear to rest and tackle the 2019 Cadbury Marathon.

We asked Annie what running means to her she said:

Running is my ‘me time’. It’s where I can be totally mindful, it’s like nothing else exists except
that run. I don’t get easily stressed and things rarely seem to bother me, I’m pretty sure I (and
my family) have running to thank for that. Other than my personal head space and mental
health, running keeps my fit and strong.

Annie successfully completed the 2019 Cadbury Marathon and smashed her scary goal of completing a Marathon. She’s still as passionate as ever about running and continues to inspire others working as a TRR Angel pacing local events.

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