Holly has always been active, even playing Hockey at the State level. Goal driven and focused she’s always challenged herself to enter events whilst juggling a full time shift work in a demanding role and a very young family.  After completing various local fun runs, half-marathons and endurance events such as the trans-Derwent Swim Holly felt that the time was right to tackle the “mythical beast” known as the marathon.  She applied for the program to get the support she needed to make this dream come true.

We asked Holly why she wanted to run a marathon and she said:

I want to prove to myself that I’m not a “crap” runner. I’d like to inspire other parents who are crazy busy with young kids that they can have their own goals too. And I want my kids to see that you can work hard for a goal.

Holly successfully completed the 2019 Cadbury Marathon and had her family there at the finish.  Holly did an amazing job to stick to her training program while balancing the conflicting pressures of family life and a work.  She truly lived up to setting a great example for her kids and inspiring others to chase their dreams!

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