Peter’s journey towards completing a marathon has been years in the making.  In 2012 he decided to get into running and signed up for the Cadbury 10km events, little did he know that 7 years later he’d be tackling the full 42.2kms.  Always active as a young person, Peter’s physical fitness took a backseat due to long working hours and it wasn’t until a friend encouraged him to run that 10km at Cadbury that he started focussing on the element of his life.

We asked Peter what running means to him and he said:

Running has also been a big part in everyday life for me. The benefits I get from running has not only helped me both helps me both physically and mentally, but has given me a great deal of confidence in everyday life. I’m very lucky to have great friends who also enjoy running and feel very lucky I’m able to be a part of their awesome journey with each event they participate in.

Peter has been a member of TRR since 2016 and has formed many friendships in the running community. It was this support and encouragement that prompted him to apply for the Make Me a Marathoner program. While Peter had been running for years, he wanted to tackle the serious distance of a Marathon armed with the knowledge and support of a structured training program and trusted advice from accredited coaches.

Peter trained hard and successfully completed the 2019 Cadbury Marathon in a very impressive time.  Peter continues to be an active part of the running community inspiring others to achieve their goals.

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