Hi, I’m Rowan Page. I’m 41 years old, married with two children & live in Devonport.

I’ve been running for 11 years now. When I first started I could only run about 200m without stopping, but after 6 months of training I completed my first Burnie 10 in 52:25 & became addicted to running. I describe myself as a “weekend warrior” Before Make Me A Marathoner, I used to run two – three times per week & do around 10-15km run every Sunday. I thought I was hard core & training pretty hard. Man, was I shocked when I got my 1st training program from the TRR! I’m not a particularly fast runner, but it’s my passion & I love it. My best times are 21:57 for 5km, 47:20 for 10km & 1:49:15 for 21km.

Earlier this year I started thinking seriously about having a crack at a marathon. I needed a new challenge after previously completing two Half Marathons, Melbourne 2012 & Sydney 2013, plus the Mt Roland Triple Top (19.7km) in 2013 & 2014. The two Half Marathons were rewarding, but not that hard to do & I wasn’t content to just keep on doing that distance. The Triple Top taught me that I’m definitely not a mountain runner,  I struggled big time up there! 10km road isn’t sufficient training for that event! Although I posted my best time last year, 4 hours 15 minutes, I realised that I had been able to keep going for about the time it takes to do a marathon, so this gave me a bit of confidence that I might be able to actually do a marathon.

As this year went on, I started thinking more & more about doing a marathon.
I didn’t want to look back in years to come & regret not ever going to the Holy Grail of the sport, going the 42km. I knew that this was it, my time had come to step up & challenge myself more than I ever had in my life. I knew I could get 21km relatively easily, but how was I going to make the massive jump to the extra 21km? When I saw the TRR Make Me A Marathoner program advertised, I thought “how good is this” I put my entry in and hoped for the best, but never really expected to get chosen. I couldn’t believe my luck when I received the Golden Ticket in the mail, it was like winning Powerball, I was that stoked!

The first month of training was great. I was a little daunted when I first received the program. Five days of running  per week, with four consecutive days from Friday to Monday was a bit of a shock when I was used to three, or four days at the most per week. I went out and did it as listed and surprised myself at how good I felt despite this increased workload. The TRR have put together an awesome program and after 7 weeks now, I have greatly improved my endurance.

On Cadbury Marathon day, I’m hoping to have a good, consistent run & be able to finish injury free. It could be the only marathon I ever do … so I want to make it a good one. I have great faith in the TRR & I know that if I stick to the program for the next 18 weeks, I will become a marathoner! Right now, I’m thinking somewhere between 4-4.5 hours would be a realistic time.  I’m looking forward to crossing the finish line, I imagine that it will be the most amazing feeling. I’m hoping that it will be a nice cool summer’s day. No heavy rain, I hate running in wet socks & shoes. Not too hot, I should be right it is Hobart after all… Oh, and I don’t want it windy either. Is that asking too much?

On Friday I was telling some friends about my training. Five days a week, up to 55km & they said “this was a prize, you won this?” Yep, I sure did. Like I said earlier, to me this was like winning Powerball. Without the Make Me A Marathoner program I would never have been so motivated & completed so many training sessions. I’m so grateful for this opportunity & I’m keen to make this a success for the TRR as much as myself.

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