2020 has gone down in history as the year the world stopped. For runners it meant the removal of races and the eradication of events leaving us with an endless supply of virtual events to tide us over.
For a variety of virtual events to choose from, all with spectacular and unique medals and a variety of distances and themes, Phoenix running has something for everyone.
Phoenix running is a UK based company and all events are available globally. Most virtual events are capped only allowing a specific number of participants making your medal even more unique. Each event has an entry fee to cover the cost of your medal and postage while bibs can be printed out.
The Covid-19 remembrance run was appealing given Covid -19 has touched so many aspects of every single persons life globally. For that reason I decided to run this as my final marathon of 2020. My little “up yours” to Covid-19.
Run locally on the Eastern Shore (in Tasmania) this medal earned was 1 of only 500 available making it pretty rare.
Running virtual events can be tiresome and lonely without a race, but with an exciting array of bling available and flexibility on when, where and how far you run, can be advantageous to many. You can run as part of a small group, with a friend, solo, take a pooch, push a pram and start at whatever time you like.
Check out Phoenix Running for the large selection of virtual events up for grabs.


More info:

COVID-19 Remembrance Run – VIRTUAL Run to honour and remember those who have lost their lives in the fight against Coronavirus.

On a day when we paused at 11.00am for 1 minute to remember those who had lost their lives in the fight against Coronavirus we’re launching our Covid-19 Remembrance medal. We’re inviting you to dedicate one or more of your daily forms of exercise to a VIRTUAL run of 1 mile or greater in remembrance.

This medal is also designed to be a remembrance keep-sake from the year when Covid-19 literally stopped the world in its tracks.

Website: https://www.evententry.co.uk/phoenix-virtual-covid-19-remembrance-run

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/phoenixrunninguk


Written by: Bonnie Davies

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