An Overview of Cross Country in Tasmania

Cross country is one of the opportunities available to Tasmanian runners throughout winter; here we provide a brief overview to help get you started, but please see the websites below for more information. Note that TRR is a recreational running organisation, not an Athletics Club (which are governed by Athletics Tasmania) – and so TRR membership does not cover you for cross country events (you are required to join an Athletics Club).

Athletics Tasmania is the state-wide governing body for Athletics in Tasmania. Athletics South is the body that looks after the southern Tasmanian Clubs, but for information on statewide clubs and opportunities for involvement, go here.


What is cross country?

  • A weekly timed run on Saturdays during winter
  • Usually off-road
  • Two distances to choose from (‘short’ or ‘long’ – usually 3 or 6k)
  • Events start at 10am
  • On arrival, register by writing your name, Club and event distance on a tag (that you carry with you, and hand over as you cross the finish line)
  • Coffee and milo afterwards

Who can join?

  • Anyone! It is ~$50 for the season, and $3 each week
  • You can try one event without being registered with a Club, but then you need to choose one. Cross country is a relaxed and friendly event series – all abilities are welcome

Not sure? Come and try.

The first Southern cross country is at Bellerive Beach 10:30am (April 4, 2020). Turn up, run and chat to some of the Club members there (who will all have tents set up). You don’t need to register – just pay the $3 and write ‘unattached’ on your registration card instead of a Club. If you miss the first one, you can turn up to any to try.

Which Club should I join?

There are currently 5 Clubs in the Athletics South Winter competition and one in the North. You need to join a Club to be able to compete. Originally people joined Clubs based on location – but it doesn’t really matter. Once registered you are encouraged to wear club colours, and will be issued a bib number which you need to wear each week. The Clubs are:

For a full list of Clubs, please visit the Athletics Tas Club Directory.

Can anyone train at the athletics tracks?

YES, but you need to pay a track fee:

For more information:

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