The 30th August was to be the day Dubbo zoo was visited by several runners to stampede their way through Dubbo running several distances.

  • 5km – Wallaby Wheel
  • 10km – Cheetah Chase
  • 21.1km – Zebra Zoom
  • 42.2km – Rhino Ramble

Entry fees start at $30 for the 5km event through to $120 for the marathon.

Given I run for rhino conservation the Rhino Ramble was on my bucket list but sadly due to Covid – 19 the event was cancelled. However it was converted to a virtual event. Sadly this appears to be becoming the norm with no end to the pandemic in sight.

So this rambling rhino entered; and on the 30th August laced up and ran the marathon in Hobart Tasmania.

The course, mapped by a friend was undulating and the weather not favorable with a wind warning. Running in 60km/hour winds, the run was challenging. The Tasman bridge was horrendously dangerous as the wind taunted and threatened to send me tumbling into the traffic. It buffeted from the side pushing me into the road and pushing the lifted foot behind the other causing a trip hazard. The slight respite from bushes and houses were short lived. As my course turned the tail wind hammered at me pushing me with such force it was difficult to stay upright, but rhinos face greater adversity with poaching and more recently drought. Keep running! Keep running for rhinos.

Crewed by my husband and best mate, my hydration needs were met every 4km and cheers and high fives were plentiful from them.

Events are limited of late, but there are many virtual ones opening up. It’s not the same as many including myself prefer to “race”, but if you have a passion, embrace it and run for a cause. Another $100 shall be donated the the rhino orphanage in South Africa who desperately need food for their orphaned rhinos as the drought takes hold and no end in sight.

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Written by: Bonnie Davies

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