kunanyi Trail Series – Cascade Slide and Cascade 4.0

These runs start at the historic Cascade Brewery, where you can feel and almost taste the history (and certainly smell!) of beer being made here for almost 200 years. With kunanyi looming above, you’ll flow through the gentle uphill of Cascade Track through to open woodlands and then rainforest gullies. Runners then hit the main fire break and trail that protects the city from bushfires. There’s some up and down along the smooth Main Fire Trail before you turn back to the city of Hobart, and you can feel how close you are to town while still very much in the bush. It’s then onto Slides Track, where you’ll feel those classic mountain bike switchbacks, and down to McRobies Gully. As you run along Jurassic Shark (a community-built mountain bike track), you will feel the folds of the foothills. The last stretch of the Cascade Slide (Enduro 10.8km) takes runners back on the prominent ridgeline above Cascade Brewery, and follow it down gently on fire and mountain bike trails, all the way back to Cascade Gardens.

The Cascade 4.0 (Sport 4km) event gives runners the flowing single track, a steep uphill and fast descent back down. It also takes runners up the open woodlands of Cascade Track. Halfway up the track, runners will drop down to Old Farm Road and cross the bridge, and head up the steep driveway into the Golden Gully ridgeline (skipping Slides Track, McRobies Gully and Jurassic Shark).