The Intercity Cycleway

Location:          Hobart

Access:              Hobart Cenotaph (War Memorial; Queens Domain, near the Hobart Regatta grounds).

Parking:           There is plenty of parking at the start (McVilly Drive)

Facilities:        Toilets at start, 3km, approx. 6km if you go into K&D warehouse, just before the 7km mark if the café is open, across the road at ~11km (near the caravan park) and near the finish (oval just before Claremont Village).

Distance:         26km return

Terrain:           Cycleway (cement)

Slope:                Flat.



Also called the Intercity Cycleway; for most runners, the ‘bike track’ starts at the Hobart Cenotaph located on Queens Domain (although you can start further in town at Sullivans Cove if you like). It is a dual lane shared cycling and pedestrian track that runs alongside the now-unused rail tracks, crossing a number of roads, and is cement.

Bike-Track-2---400x300The track runs north along the Derwent River from the Cenotaph, and passes under the Tasman Bridge after just over 1km, turning right and going along the Collegiate Rowing Sheds road a short distance before getting back on the track. At about 3km, the track crosses a road just near the Cornelian Boathouse (public toilets). At this point, you can continue on, or take a short detour out to the Cornelian Bay lookout (gravel path that runs near the cemetery). Continuing on, there’s a great view of Mt Wellington as you pass the Station Street Nursery on the left (and hockey grounds on the right). The track goes past another small café (Rust & Co. Store: Café, Vintage Collectibles, Garden Ware) at around 7km that invites riders and runners to “Take a break”. Bike-Track-3-400x300The first overpass is just after 10km, and you travel past some vineyards and get some water views at around 11km (looking over a road that forms part of the official Cadbury marathon course). The track ends end at around 13km. You can venture right up to the Cadbury Chocolate factory for a little extra, and take in the sights of the start/finish to Hobart’s iconic marathon (see Cadbury Marathon).


There’s some contention over the bike track and whether it’s wise to train often on a hard surface (it’s cement the whole way, although there are a few places you can run beside on a dirt path). We’re just letting you know your options – it’s up to you should you choose to run here. Please note care must be taken when crossing roads.


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