We’ve brought together fitness professionals to curate a framework of suggested activities, running resources, inspiration and connection to the wider running community. This guide highlights existing running/cross-training/and information-building activities and creates new ones in the lead-up to Cadbury Marathon 2020.

This activity guide aims to help you get the most out of your Cadbury experience by providing you with opportunities to connect with fitness professionals and other runners. Whether you’re looking to complete your first marathon or 5km, you can use these resources to help you be your best as you cross the finish line on January 12th  2020.

The activities are all free (except for pool running), open to anyone,  and aim to provide tasters/options for running/cross-training that you can build in as part of your regular running program.

Download the complete guide here.

For up to date information on each event (and how to book) in the guide keep an eye on the Tasmanian Road Runners & Cadbury Marathon Facebook pages.

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