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Applications are open to all regardless of membership status and will be judged on their merits. If it comes to a tie, membership will be the deciding factor.
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Your Running Profile

This will help us understand you as a runner and most importantly help our coaches build your personal training program.
Note: To be eligible for consideration you MUST have run a half marathon even previously. This is important not only for your health and safety but to set you up for success at Cadbury.
We want to know what events you're running during the 12 week training period so we can incorporate these into your program... Please note that your main focus should be completing the marathon and as such our coaches may recommend backing off some of the other runs.

Your Motivation

This is the important bit! Write from the heart.
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Your Commitment

Becoming a marathoner requires passion, motivation and commitment. It's not easy or else everyone would be doing it! To be successful and to get the most out of the program you need to be committed and understand that there is a big time commitment involved. We'll provide you the resources, advice and encouragement to help you succeed but we can't do the training for you. Please answer the following questions honestly and consider your personal circumstances.

Motivating Others

A big part of the success of the program is the fact that participants act as role models who inspire others on their marathon journey. If successful you will be a part of the Make me a Marathoner legacy by sharing your story.
We would ALWAYS contact you for permission to be contacted by media outlets.

Serious Stuff

Running a marathon is not an easy feat. There is a reason that only 1% of the population ever successfully completes the distance. We want to support you doing this safely and want you to cross the finish line smiling, happy and injury-free! TRR strongly recommend seeking health advice from your GP before undertaking a marathon training program.
Any medical information disclosed will remain private and confidential.
We know that life happens, but if you've got a long holiday or other personal/work commitments that may affect your training it's better to factor these in sooner rather than later. Training for a marathon basically takes over your life for 12 weeks!

A little bit extra

We know that sometimes people aren't so great with words, so here is space where you can upload a file with the "little bit extra" to tell us why you would like to be part of the program. This is definitely optional, no pressure to add anything here.
Maximum upload size: 516MB
Upload your files here. Don't go too crazy - keep it under 4MB and we'll be sweet! You can upload a video, a story, a photo, sound file....we take most file types but try to keep it to the usual suspects so we can see what you've got.
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