We’re grateful to Tim Gunton from the Launceston Running Buddies for the following running routes in and around Launceston. Check them out on facebook (HERE) and join them for a run if you’re in the area.

Northern Suburbs

From Royal Park, thru the Seaport along the Esplanade and turn left over Tamar St Bridge, along Invermay Rd, up Mowbray Hill. Continue along Invermay Rd/Georgetown Rd turning right and follow Georgetown Road up the hill,  **(6.7km) and continue PAST the Black Stallion (7.5km) and turn right into Lilydale Road. Just after the railway overpass, turn right and take the short-cut across to the end of Cupania St (or feel free to take the long way around the road) head over the railway overpass and follow the fire trail all the way to Dover St. From Dover St go along Calais St, Verdun and Beatty Sts and turn left at Jellico St, we then turn left at Vermont Rd and turn right to the track just before the West’s residence that takes us back past Heritage Forrest and thru to Inveresk for a stroll along the board walk before exiting near the Tamar St bridge – across the bridge, along the Esplanade, thru the Seaport to Royal Park (18km).

**Shorter options are turn up either Parklands Parade or Mayfield St and continue to the end of either of these streets and take the tracks to the fire trail

URL for this route is: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=3312286

Riveside/Tamar Island

From Royal Park, past Still Water, across Kings Bridge, Past Tamar Marine, along to the tail race and down to Tamar Island – keeping on the tracks as much as possible

Turn at the pub for about 11km return. Turn at Cormiston Road/bus stop 13km return journey. Continue all the way to Tamar Island car park 15km return journey. Continue out to the Island to the jetty; DON’T touch the pontoon because it not there anymore! (10km). Turn and head back to Royal Park for a total of 20km.


From Royal Park, left into Paterson Street, then right into George Street, left into Brisbane Street and continue out to Newstead, turn left into Hoblers Bridge Road then turn left onto North Esk track (4.5km). Follow this across to Henry Street (7km). Turn left – Henry Street becomes Boland Street continue on to the Tamar Street bridge (8.8 km).** 2 options from here

Option 1 is to continue along the Esplanade and back thru the Seaport for a total of about 10.2km

URL for this route is: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=4228438

Option 2 is to turn right and go across the bridge and onto Invermay Road. Continue along Invermay Road until you get to the bottom of Mowbray hill (11.3km), turn left into McKenzie Street run along until you get to the flood levy. Continue on the flood levy until you reach Mayne Street (12.7 km), cross over Mayne Street and continue on to Seaport and back to Royal Park total of about 15.0km

URL for this route is http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2921412


Along Park St, left into Paterson St and right in to Margaret St, along to the end of Margaret and turn right into Frankland St, continue up Frankland into Hillside Cres, which becomes Brougham St and turn left into Granville St. Continue to the end of Granville St and turn right at Peel St, follow Peel St all the way and turn Left at Holyman Drive**. Turn left and go along Holyman Drive which becomes Richard St. Continue along to Las Vegas Drive and turn left, once we hit Country Club Ave we turn left and continue to the roundabout at Westbury Rd (7.7km) where we turn left and follow Westbury Rd all the way to Wellington St. (12.0km) Turn left at Wellington St and stroll down until we turn left into  Frankland St, then right into Margaret St , along to Paterson St then back to Park St, then we are back to where we started from. (14.4km)

**Turn left at Stanley St then left at Westbury Road will shorten the run to about 10k’s

URL: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=3270917

Long run

From Royal Park, left into Paterson Street and along to George Street, right into George Street then left into Brisbane Street. Brisbane Street then becomes Elphin Road, continues along Elphin Road to just past the Coles Supermarket and then left onto Hoblers Bridge Road and continue to the roundabout at the junction with St. Leonards Road (5km)*. Along St. Leonards Road- it’s then 8km when you get to Johnsons Road ** St Leonards Road becomes Blessington Road and continue until you get to Corra Lynn bridge (12.7km). Turn and head back along Blessington Road/ St Leonards Road/ Hoblers Bridge Road. On Hoblers Bridge Road, turn right into Olive Street then right again when you get to Elphin road and right again into Dowling Street (23km). Left into Racecourse Crescent and left again into Boland Street, turn right across Tamar Street bridge and down Invermay Road to Forster Street (just past Aurora Stadium). Turn right into Forster Street, which becomes Churchill Park Drive, and then up onto the levy bank to pick up the trail at the back of Heritage forest to take you up to Vermont Road. Then left along Vermont Road, left again at the top of Mowbray hill. Head back down the hill along Invermay Road. Then left along Lindsay Street and cross over to Seaport and back to Royal Park (32.6km). Extra 2.4km run a few laps around the Stillwater, Royal Park Loop (35km).

*Head back for a total of 10k’s ** Head back the way you came to Royal Park 16.k’s

The URL for this route is: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com?r=2246765

Another long run

From Royal Park, through Seaport and along the bike track, cross over at the Mayne Street overpass and continue along the bike track down to McKenzie Street. Turn right and head back along Invermay Road. Turn right at Mayne Street (Swamp Café) and continue down Mayne Street to the overpass and back along the bike track to Seaport (but don’t turn in ). Continue straight ahead along the track back up to Paterson Street (7.5km), then left and up to Charles Street. Turn right into Charles Street and follow all the way up to the L.G.H. Left into Howick Street, right into Mulgrave Street and veer right into Meredith Crescent, up to Hobart Road (10.5km). Along Hobart Road to Opossum Road (Maccas on the corner) turn left into Opossum Road, crossing over to pick up the Carr Villa trail; follow this around-it goes around Opossum Road and then right into Quarantine Road, and head back down to Hobart Road (15km).** Turn left and continue along Hobart Road to Alma Street (log cabin nursery), turn left into Alma Street, then right into Redwood Crescent and right again at the roundabout into Poplar Parade, continue back along Poplar Parade and you’re  back on Hobart Road again (18.5km)**. Turn left onto Hobart Road, and then left again into Relbia Road and follow this all the way along to the Glenwood Road (opposite Josef Chromys Restaurant) (22.5km). Turn and head back along Relbia Road, then right onto Hobart Road, going straight down Hobart Road, through Youngtown and Kingsmeadows, until you get back to Meredith Crescent (30km). Turn right into Meredith Crescent; veer left into Mulgrave Street, left into Howick Street and right into Charles Street. Continue down Charles Street, ten turn right into Paterson Street, right into George Street, left into Brisbane Street, left into Tamar Street and then head down to the Esplanade. Turn left into the Esplanade, then back through Seaport to Royal Park (35.5 km)

** Turn right and head back the way you came via Meredith Crescent to Royal Park.  20.5km

** Turn right and head back the way you came via Meredith Crescent to Royal Park.  25.5km

URL: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=1844158

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