Hi, I’m Matthew and I started running [slowly] in January last year. I truly never gave much thought to the idea of running a marathon. A couple of friends of mine had done it in their younger years but I had always put it in the “I’ll never do that” category. It seemed completely out of reach. I admired all those who could run that far. I was pretty sure I couldn’t even walk that far… in a whole day.

Three years ago I was encouraged to walk the Point to Pinnacle. I wasn’t too keen but I thought I’d give it a go. Honestly, my only goal that year was to finish without dying! At the time it was one of the most uncomfortable things I had ever done, but I did finish! I was 15kg heavier then than I am now, something I knew I wanted to work on. So I committed to giving running a go.

From running just 2.5km (very slowly and uncomfortably) at first, I quickly got to 5km and was pretty pleased with myself. It took a few months until I ran much further but a friend encouraged me to enter the City to Casino 7km. It was the first time I had run that far in a very long time (decades!), but I surprised myself with how good it felt. I did the C2C 7km last year as well, then that same friend of mine said she was going to do the Cadbury half marathon in January and would I do it too?

I had serious doubts but I entered anyway, knowing I had committed to something big – and that I was going to have to work hard to be ready. I followed the TRR training schedule running a little further every Sunday. That training set me up to complete my first ever half marathon in January this year. A huge achievement for me! I still never thought I could run a marathon though, and the thought of turning around when I had reached Cadbury and running the half marathon all over again back to back to run the marathon distance was NOT on my radar.

But, my training and completing the half marathon had shown me that, with dedication, I was able to achieve something that I never could have done before, so when the opportunity came up to apply for the Make Me A Marathoner program came up, I decided it was time. I was thrilled to receive the Golden Ticket in the mail (though it all became very real, very quickly!).

Training began a few weeks ago and I have already learned a lot. I’m looking forward to January and completing my first ever marathon!

Good luck to all the first time marathoners!



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