We’re grateful to TRR member Danny Byas for providing much of the info and images regarding the Pilchers Hill trails (Hobart).


Location:      Middle Meehan Range (Hobart)

Parking:         Available as per map (roadside parking in gallery below)

Facilities:      Toilets near OHA football club

Distance:        6k loop (or choose your own!)

Terrain:           Gravel/trail


Pilchers Hill Reserve: the route shown (on map) is approximately 6K – but obviously there’s plenty of options for choosing your own route! Pilchers Hill Reserve in Geilston Bay is made up of 165 hectares of bushland located in the Middle Meehan Range. It contains a variety of habitat including grassy forest and woodland and is home to wildlife including wombats, wallabies, bettongs, bandicoots, potoroos and many birds (via Clarence City Council web page).The Pilchers Hill Loop walking track climbs to the summit of Pilchers Hill through an attractive bushland setting. Running is on fire trails, walking tracks and mountain bike tracks.

Numerous car parking access points for running, as identified by Danny on the map, include: (1) Robin Court, Lindisfarne, (2) Walana Street, Geilston Bay, (3) Geilston Creek Road, Geilston Bay, (4) Flagstaff Gully Road and is a reserve exit for a super long run, and (5) is an easy-to-miss bike track between two fire trails! ‘B’ marks the location of the bridges in the photos.
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