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Track & Field (‘athletics’ or also called ‘interclub’) is one of the opportunities available to Tasmanian runners throughout summer. Here we provide a brief overview to help get you started, but please see the websites below for more information. Note that TRR is a recreational running club, not a track and field club so TRR membership does not cover you for Track & Field events. Athletics Tasmania is the state-wide governing body for athletics in Tasmania, with three branches: South, North and North West.

What is Track & Field?

Track & Field events are held most Saturdays at locations in Hobart, Launceston and Penguin during October-March. Each week is a different program of events including throws, jumps and track running.

Who can join?

Any person over 10 years of age is welcome to attend. You don’t have to be elite to compete, anybody of any ability is welcome.

If you have never been registered before, you can compete for only $10 per day up to a maximum of two days. Simply fill out the trialling member form available at each of the 3 track locations.

Which club should I join?

You need to join a club to be able to compete. Originally people joined clubs based on location – but it doesn’t really matter. Once registered you are encouraged to wear club colours, and will be issued a bib number which you need to wear each week.

Apart from allowing you to compete, once you are a member of a club you also have access to various coaches who can provide coaching on running or any of the other athletic events (throws and jumps etc.

Can anyone train on the track?

Yes but you need to pay a track fee to the local council:

For more information:

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