My name is Stuart Thomas, I’m a 45 year old married father of a 14 year old son. Both my wife Lisa and my son Riley are supportive of my running however they definitely think I’m a little crazy and on some days I agree.

I have always been involved in sport in some form but have never enjoyed distance running so what better challenge to include in my midlife crisis than running a marathon. My primary reason for training is based on a strong need to manage and improve my mental and physical health. I started running 18 months ago and now I am a little bit hooked.

The first month of the program has been great although slightly interrupted by illness. I have really enjoyed the variety and the inclusion of Speed/interval sessions. My goal for Cadbury is to finish the race and if I can sneak in under 4 hours that would be a bonus. Good luck to everyone running in January and especially to my fellow first timers.


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