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What We Offer

TRR-Transparent-Black-400x350 The Tasmanian Road Runners Inc (TRR Inc.) is an initiative by a group of recreational runners wishing to promote the benefits of running, community engagement and general health and well-being in Tasmania. We hope to provide a comprehensive network of information and activity in the State.
The Tasmanian Road Runners Inc. (TRR) is founded on and driven by the simplest of reasons – a love for running. Our objective is to create a network of information and activity for runners in Tasmania, and to connect like-minded individuals. We aim to centralise resources, information and opportunities useful across all levels – including aspiring, recreational, and experienced runners. We aim to inspire involvement in recreational running by identifying avenues for increasing participation, promoting and developing running programs, leading by example, fostering positive behaviour and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices. We hope to encourage unity, develop initiatives, and provide motivation to help facilitate individuals reaching and exceeding personal goals. TRR is a not-for-profit organisation aimed at encouraging recreational running and physical activity across all ages and abilities.
Tasmania has a healthy recreational running scene with a full calendar of fun runs attracting consistently high numbers of participants. However until now there has been no pathway for fun run participants to move from recreational running to organised running. Traditional track and field athletics often suffers from an elitist stereotype with most recreational runners believing they are not “good enough” to join a traditional athletics club and so they persist in training alone or in small social groups. TRR Inc aims to address this by providing a non-competitive environment for runners to connect with others and gain the rewards of group training and knowledge. At the same time runners will become more confident and familiar with athletics, breaking down the perceived barriers for anyone wanting to explore the sport further. For those that prefer to run alone, we’d also like to provide whatever resources we can – calendars, programs, and opportunities.
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Dubbo Rhino Ramble Marathon

Dubbo Rhino Ramble Marathon

The 30th August was to be the day Dubbo zoo was visited by several runners to stampede their way through Dubbo… but due to COVID travel restrictions, here’s Bonnie’s virtual event version of the event…..

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Cockle Creek Marathon

Cockle Creek Marathon

Cockle Creek is located on the border of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage area approximately two hours drive south of Hobart in Recherche Bay – the farthest point south that can be accessed by car

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Where do I find the discount codes for Fun Runs and supporting shops?

A. Login to TRR using the Login option at the top right of the menu then check your Membership page for the details.

When is the next catch-up?
We try to get to as many fun runs as we can (check out our calendar for details). And follow us on Facebook for info on regular catch-ups!